Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fraternity basketball championship: SigEp, Pike battle

Battle of the Titans in Maine. So close. No Cigar. Damn.
Anyone who spent their Monday night watching a weak NFL match-up missed a true battle of the intramural titans. Pike and SigEp have had a strong hold on top of the all-points standings all semester, with Pike having the upper hand recently due to two floor hockey championships last week.

As the game kicked off, SigEp looked to set the tempo right away, but Pike matched them for an evenly-played first half. Few players could drive the lanes without getting roughed up and the tough style of play led to many free-throw opportunities. The low-scoring half ended with Pike holding a slim 16-14 lead.

Early on in the second half, each team made adjustments. SigEp showed they were ready to pick up the intensity, as they locked down on defense and continued to crash the Pike big guys down low. Pike adjusted to this and began to swing the ball around more, opening up shots and driving the paint.
Down by eight with just three minutes remaining, SigEp enacted a full-court press to catch Pike off-guard. Their aggressive strategy was rewarded with a few steals and buckets, closing the gap to four. After that Pike was finally able to get into the free-throw bonus. One final three-pointer by Andreasen put the lead back up to seven, securing the victory.
Fraternity basketball championship: SigEp, Pike battle for BC Kent - Maine Sports
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