Thursday, December 27, 2007

Advice for the homeward-bound

Stephen Yeargin, one of our irregular contributors, offers this advice for those of you who are home from school for the holidays:
I am reminded of the quote a year a two ago about "Christmas: The time when you leave the people you love to be with family."

I have to wonder how our newest members (and even some of the older members) handle being around family members that they have been away from for a semester or two. The holidays were always a time of stress over the winter break because life moves at a different pace away from college. While on campus, you move from one class to the next, one meet-up with friends to the next and hopefully find some time to yourself in the evening or early morning hours.

Compare that to your typical trip home, and you are likely either bored out of your mind or at loggerheads with your parents over something as simple as where your laundry goes (hint: half down the stairs, in the living room, and the like are not correct answers). So my thoughts are with our brothers around the country that are re-adjusting to the non-college lifestyle at home. It might be ironic that you would rather be in a lecture hall for two hours than spending three minutes on a lecture about why it is not OK to check Facebook at 2 a.m.

- Stephen
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