Friday, November 23, 2007

Sig Ep Suspended for 5 Years from NIU

NIU Frat Suspended In Anti-Semitic Harassment

(WBBM) -An anti-Semitic harassment incident has resulted in the 5-year suspension of a prominent fraternity at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb.

WBBM's Pat Cassidy reports.

As WBBM first reported, Sigma Phi Epsilon faced a 10-year, virtual death sentence suspension for the incident earlier this year.

At issue, was an alleged verbal altercation and anti-Semitic remarks with a mainly Jewish NIU fraternity.

This week, the NIU Judicial Hearing Board found the fraternity responsible for harassment, imposed a 5-year suspension, a small fine, 2 years probation once the suspension ends and ordered members to attend civility classes.

NIU Student Affairs Vice President Brian Hemphill called it a sad day for the NIU Greek community. A Sig Ep spokesman tells WBBM they will appeal.

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