Thursday, November 29, 2007

Phi Delt Launches New Communications Network


Oxford, OH – November 26, 2007 –

The 158,000 Members of Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity will be communicating with their brothers in an entirely new way starting in January 2008, thanks to an agreement recently signed with the Group Interactive Network System (G.I.N. System).

G.I.N., the leading provider of web-based communications platforms to Greek organizations, graduate schools, social organizations and other membership groups will provide custom websites and member’s-only intranets to Phi Delta Theta’s 168 undergraduate chapters and over 100 alumni clubs worldwide. G.I.N. will work with Phi Delta Theta to develop external websites that both distinguish the Fraternity and enhance communication.

“Our primary goal is to create a unified web presence while providing a prominent and inspired website for each chapter,” said Bob Biggs, executive vice president of Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delta Theta’s web presence and messaging will be consistent across the International and local sites. Each chapter site will feature unique elements to help attract attention and provide timely content to visitors. Sites will be updated via RSS feed to display Fraternity, campus, and/or local news. “G.I.N. will be our partner in the process - they’re helping us define a comprehensive solution, synchronize all of our efforts and provide a one-stop answer to our members’ communications needs.”

“We started the process with Phi Delta Theta by discussing their objectives. At heart, we are a design and programming firm,” said Matthew Hintze, chief executive officer of G.I.N. “We’re working with the organization’s leadership to develop and implement a strategy that meets all of their needs”. Solutions include an International Console that provides a robust content-management system that facilitates the easy management of content across all G.I.N.-developed sites. Each chapter website will be integrated with Phi Delta Theta’s existing member database so there is no duplication of effort and member information is continuously updated.

Added Ethan Fieldman, president of G.I.N., “Our objective is to manage all aspects of the platform – from conception to implementation to maintenance.” Each Phi Delta Theta chapter has a personal representative who is responsible for populating and launching the chapter website. “If you can Google, then you can manage all aspects of our websites – both public and private, but people are busy and sometimes updating the website falls through the cracks. We see it as our responsibility to make sure the websites are current and fresh.”

In addition to an external website, each chapter will have a secure Members’-Only area. “We started the process with the goal of implementing external websites; we quickly learned we could provide those, as well as the internal communications tools, for a lower price,” said Biggs. Features of the G.I.N. Members’-Only Area include e-mail and text messaging groups, secure file sharing, announcements, surveys, voting, and a Facebook application that allows the Fraternity to communicate with all members instantaneously via Facebook. “We work with our diverse user base to develop and implement tools that are actually utilized,” says G.I.N. Technology Officer Adam Feber. “The G.I.N. platform is robust, secure, and constantly evolves to integrate the latest technologies and improve operations within any membership organization.”
About G.I.N.:

G.I.N. provides comprehensive communications solutions for Greek organizations, graduate schools, social organizations and other membership groups. Representing over 600 Greek chapters and councils internationally, G.I.N.’s 50,000 Greek users form a dynamic community that has helped to create the premier communications web-platform available. G.I.N. utilizes its design and programming excellence to create stimulating external websites, powerful and innovative internal websites, and other applications that truly change the way that organizations communicate. G.I.N. works with its National Partners to develop custom solutions that integrate with existing technologies and relieve the administrative burdens of Headquarters staff.

Marc Mores Gabby Leon
Phi Delta Theta G.I.N. System
Associate Executive Vice President Vice President – Customer Relations
(513) 523-9200 888-GIN-System ext. 104
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