Monday, November 12, 2007

Monmouth College announces naming gift

What's the point in making a wad of cash if you can't give some away and help folks out?

Monmouth College photo

MONMOUTH - William Goldsborough, a 1965 graduate of Monmouth College, and his wife, Beverly, have made a gift of $2 million to the college to name its newest residence hall in honor of local musical legend Gracie Peterson, who died last year at age 104.
Goldsborough, who has served on the college's board of trustees since 1985, was an active student at Monmouth, competing on the swimming and tennis teams and joining such organizations as Sigma Phi Epsilon, the Politics Club and Blue Key. He earned Monmouth's Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2002.
So where was this guy at the Atlanta Lunch? Maybe the Foundation guys need to add another name to their Rolodex. - Galesburg Register-Mail Online
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