Thursday, November 08, 2007

Juicy Campus?

Tough call, here. On the one hand it's good to see a fellow SigEp working the web. On the other hand if what the reviewer is saying is true then how can we endorse it?
About a month ago I received an e-mail from a Duke alum named Matt Ivester. I didn't know the kid when he went here, although with a little research I do know he was the one-time president of Sig Ep fraternity in '03-'04, if that is at all relevant.

Anyhow, the e-mail informed me of a new Web site he was promoting-which many of you have probably heard of by now-entitled
On the one hand, I was shocked and horrified by the comments I was reading. On the other, I was mesmerized. One look and I was unknowingly sucked into an addiction. I wanted more. More names, more dirt, more hate. I knew it was wrong, and I couldn't morally justify adding to the hateful insanity, but I also couldn't and can't stop reading.
The possibilities are endless. Anyone with a grudge, or a sick mind, can maliciously and often libelously attack defenseless students. I am aware that a lot of times the posts are not be taken seriously, but I am also aware that certain posts lack any sort of intent other than malice and hate.
We take a non-position on this web site (sort of like Hillary Clinton and drivers's licences for illegal aliens). We report it, but no opinions and no links. You are going to have to find it and decide on your own.

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