Wednesday, November 28, 2007

IU Sig Ep Wins Top Fraternity Award for 2nd Year

Indiana Sig Eps Win Chapter Standards of Excellence Award

Last night at the Indiana University Greek Awards Ceremony, SigEp was able defend its honor as the chapter of the year by winning the "Chapter Standards of Excellence Award" for the 2nd year in a row.

To be even considered for the top chapter at IU, our fraternity had to receive a top excellence rating for each of the five categories.

SigEp received the top Excellence rating in:
a. Values Education and Commitment
b. Academic Support and Scholarship
c. Leadership Development
d. Brotherhood and Sisterhood
e. Citizenship

By receiving top honors in these five categories, our chapter was able to be recognized with the Chapter Standards of Excellence Award. It isthe "highest fraternity honor at Indiana University". - Dean RichardMcKaig

We should all be proud of the work that we have done. We should all be proud we have decided to live a life with high standards and values. We should all be proud we strive to become Balanced Men. We should all beproud that we are SigEps.

Damn Proud,
Jacob P. Wick
Sigma Phi EpsilonIndiana University
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