Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Founders' Day from Brother Bill Hydrick

Bill Hydrick Annually Sends Out a Menaingful Founders' Day Message

My Brothers,

Another year has passed and again I greet you on this anniversary of the founding of our beloved fraternity; another opportunity to reflect of the triumphs and tragedies of the year gone by and look with hope to the future; another chance to renew our commitment to our principles and each other.

Life is experience and all too often the vagaries of our existence bring us to paths we would rather not travel. But we are the sum of our experience and thus nothing is without value. Fires, flood, and drought may try our resolve. But from fire and flood springs new life; from despair comes hope. How important, then, it is to have companions as we trudge down this road to the future; to share our gifts that we may add our part to the great opus of the universe.

Our time to give voice to creation is limited. We must, therefore, make every effort to add to the rhythm, harmony, and melody of the cosmic symphony. How, then, do we add to this great masterpiece? Carter Jenkins and his compatriots’ vision have provided us with the framework to compose a lasting legacy. The principles of our brotherhood provide us with the tools to make a difference but only through hard work and dedication. Consider, then, the impact of the music you create. The songs of our youth are taught to us by others. As we age we create our own songs and pass them on to our progeny. Only the truly great songs survive beyond the time of their creator. Will your songs still be sung when your voice is silenced?

In just a few weeks Louisiana Gamma will begin a yearlong celebration of our first twenty-five years of brotherhood culminating with our 25th anniversary celebration next November. The thought is stunning. For a quarter century men have gathered at Loyola to revel in the bonds of brotherhood. As one who has witnessed all of this, I am contented that, with all of the changes Katrina wrought on our alma mater, our fraternity has withstood its many trials and continues.

Let us then celebrate this day and commemorate those whose vision brought us together. Let us always exhibit virtue, diligence and brotherly love in all we do. Let us take the opportunity to renew those friendships that make this life worth living. Take some time today to call or email or a brother. Tell him about the difference knowing him has made in your life. Do it now, for tomorrow the opportunity may have passed, never to be recalled.

I wish you all a happy founders’ day!

In the heart,
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