Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Coastal Tradition" neckties

We got a nice letter from "Spencer" at Coastal Traditions today. They have a line of neckties with a fraternity theme and wanted some exposure.

SigEp is prominent, but they also have SAE, Sigma Chi, KA, ATO, Kappa Sig, and others. They have a license 'bug' on the site so one may assume they are legit.

These guys get one free ad. After that they'll have to buy space.

Our story began in 2007, when two friends took the few dollars in their pocket and decided to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. It was time to leave the classroom and get to work.

With a commitment to superior quality and styles that people love to wear, Coastal Tradition was born in Columbia, South Carolina.

While the influence and foundation for our concept reaches to the history of the southeast shore, Coastal Tradition was envisioned out of personal necessity. We wanted to find fine clothes perfect for any occasion, whether it’s the beach or the boardroom. Our aim is to construct an exceptional product that our friends and family would enjoy wearing, and we hope that you would too.

We strive to provide excellent customer service for our classic designs, and we hope that you wear our apparel with pride and confidence.

Since our formation, we have been having the time of our lives! We hope that Coastal Tradition will bring that same enjoyment to your home as well.

Coastal Tradition is tailored for your lifestyle. And it's not merely a style, it's a way of life.
We particularly like the "Gameday" ties incorporating school colors. Wish we had seen that in time to order for homecoming!

(Shameless self-promotion alert...) When you order - tell them you saw it here. Maybe they'll send us a freebie!)

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