Sunday, November 18, 2007

2010 - UCF Will Double Greek Housing!

UCF studies $20-25 million plan to double Greek housing on campus.
Space for sorority and fraternity members could double at UCF as early as 2010.
Ileana Llorens Special To The Sentinel

Plans are moving forward for Greek Park II, a $20 million to $25 million project that would double the amount of fraternity and sorority housing on campus, said Greg Mason, director of Fraternity and Sorority Housing and Development at the University of Central Florida.

The housing project would be funded through bonds, private lending institutions and private contractors, Mason said. No state funds would be used.The project awaits approval from the Board of Trustees. If it is approved, the development could be completed as early as fall 2010.

The 6.7-acre tract allotted for the project at UCF's main campus sits across the street from the Sigma Chi house at 4418 Greek Court.

The new community would feature 12 to 14 three-story homes in town-house style, with capacity for about 30 students each, Mason said. Each house also would have a chapter room and a place for meetings.

That would double the on-campus housing for fraternities and sororities. Mason said about 350 students live in nine of the 12 fraternity or sorority houses now on campus.Three of the houses sit empty.

About 2,660 students at UCF are members of a fraternity or sorority, according to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Unlike the current Greek community, where alumni corporations own the houses, Greek Park II will be owned by UCF Housing and Residence Life.

The university will be responsible for furnishing bedrooms, but each organization's alumni corporation will be responsible for decorating and furnishing chapter rooms and meeting areas, Mason said.

Organizations that want to apply for one of the new houses will have to submit an application. The process will require a background check of the organization, including the academic standing of members, student conduct and membership recruitment practices, Mason said.

According to the 2006-07 Greek Relationship Statement, an organization must have a chapter grade-point average of 2.5 to be eligible for on-campus housing.The prospect of new Greek housing has created a buzz among members of fraternities and sororities on campus.
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