Monday, October 22, 2007

Sig Ep at NIU Make Get 10 Year Suspension

NIU Fraternity Faces 10-Year Suspension
DEKALB, Ill. (CBS) ―

A Northern Illinois University fraternity is facing a virtual death sentence due to two recent incidents involving anti-semitic remarks and a shoving match with four African-Americans.

WBBM Newsradio 780 has learned the school is considering a 10-year suspension of Sigma Phi Epsilon and the closing of its frat house, which sits prominently on NIU's Greek Row. At issue is an alleged verbal altercation and anti-Semitic remarks with a mainly Jewish NIU fraternity and a police report of a shoving incident involving four black men who tried to enter a fraternity-only party.

Alumni and Sig Ep spokesman Ryan Anderson says a 10-year suspension is overkill. Anderson says alumni are concerned about an alleged anti-Greek attitude by some NIU officials who won't allow them legal representation and says they're proposing substance abuse and sensitivity training to identify and get rid of Sig Ep's bad apples.

NIU officials would not comment directly on the accusations but did give Newsradio 780 a written statement saying Sigma Phi Epsilon has been suspended pending a Nov. 9th judicial hearing and that it's alleged conduct will not be tolerated on the Northern Illinois University campus.
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