Saturday, October 27, 2007

NDSU Starts Greek Ambassadors Group

Ambassadors share the meaning of Greek Life
By Drew Espeseth
Contributing Writer

Many people have stereotypes of fraternity and sorority life on college campuses. NDSU, a relatively small campus as far as Greek life is concerned, is no exception.

The Greek community at NDSU is comprised of roughly 475 students, which is less than 5 percent of the total campus population.

Members of the fraternities and sororities at NDSU decided it was time to do something about those numbers and those stereotypes, and the idea for Greek Ambassadors was born.

Tony Clowe, a junior majoring in political science and a member of Theta Chi fraternity, was chosen to head up the committee when the possibility of an ambassador program was brought forth last spring.

Clowe said the idea came from discussions in Interfraternity Council, the governing board for fraternities on campus.

“It was a very vague idea at the time, but it sounded like it should be looked into,” Clowe said.
He began his research where any college student would—Google.

“After Googling ‘Greek Ambassador,’ I found a couple of schools who had already implemented the program. I was in contact with some of those students,” Clowe said.

With advice from Coordinator of Greek Life Josh Boschee, and utilizing input from other members of the Greek community, the ideas were consolidated into a plan that would work best for NDSU.

To become a Greek Ambassador, there is an application process each semester. Currently, there are 11 ambassadors, including Clowe.

“While the program is starting small to nail down what the Greek Ambassadors will be doing specifically, there is hope to see it grow in the future,” Clowe said.

The ambassadors have a number of specific goals already in place. The program will strive to increase the communication and understanding between campus officials and Greek Life
“Specifically this will include working closely with the Office of Admission, the Residence Hall Association and the Office of Student Orientation and Success,” Clowe said.

The Greek Ambassadors also plan to further the current goals of Greek Life on campus and provide a formal informational resource for interested students at NDSU.

“We want this to be another way to brand the Greek Community with some of the top Greeks on campus participating in this program,” Clowe said, “and hopefully in the process we can help break down some of the Greek stereotypes.”
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