Monday, October 29, 2007

Mass Sig Eps Catch Robbers in Action

Fraternity victim of robbery
By: news Daily Collegian

Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was broken into on Friday, Oct. 26.

The Amherst Police Department arrested one suspect, 18-year old Akeem LaValley of Hadley, Massachusetts, who was found with several electronics in his backpack and a wallet that belonged to someone who lives at the fraternity. The incident occurred at the fraternity house at approximately 12:15 a.m. Friday.

"From what I understand, two or three unidentified males were walking around trying to get in through an open window," said Sigma Phi Epsilon president Matt O'Connor, who was at the house during the time of the break in.

"They got inside and were caught in the act of trying to steal items from one of the rooms. The police were called and arrested the individuals."

According to O'Connor, the individuals broke in through the second story window of the house.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police detained the suspects and searched the surrounding area.

Officers Richard Maclean, Dominic Corsetti, and Frank Batchelor found and arrested LaValley shortly after, locating him in the wood line behind Olympia Drive in possession of the wallet, laptop computers and video games.

LaValley was arraigned Sunday morning at the Eastern Hampshire District Courthouse. His charges include breaking and entering and larceny from a building.

"One arrest was made in regards to the incident, but it is still under investigation," said Detective Damouras, of the Amherst Police Department.

In regard to the stolen items, O'Connor stated, "As far as I know, all of the items are accounted for, but some are being held by the police. Now, it is just a matter of when we will get them back."

The result of LaValley's arraignment will be determined this morning after the full report is released.Lisa DeBenedictis can be reached at
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