Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If I had a Hammer...

Gene Schurg sent out this letter urging support for Maryland Beta's project to help out in New Orleans.
The men at Maryland Beta are doing everything possible to raise funds for their service project in New Orleans.

Would you post this request for our chapters to help out?

From MD Beta:

As a part of our fund raising for the trip, we have registered with grablifegivelife.com. This website will allow us to get $20,000 for the charity of our choice if we are the first in the contest to get 20,000 votes. All it takes to vote is a ".edu" email address. You can vote once a day. Look for our cause "SigEps Rebuild St. Bernard Parish" I urge all of you to tell your chapters about this (maybe forward my email) and get as much help as we can. Also join our facebook group.

If every undergraduate SigEp votes once a day, we will win in a day and a half!! We are already working with our brothers from Missouri Alpha and Delaware Alpha in Louisiana and it would be great to get the national fraternity working together to help raise some money for this.

PJ Flynn
MD Beta Chapter
Glad to help, Gene. Lets all lend a hand and get these men to New Orleans. Remember, you need an ".edu" email address, but if you have been enrolled in college in the last 10 years or so you probably have one even if you don't use it much.

As they say in Chicago... Vote Early! Vote Often!
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