Friday, October 26, 2007

Greek Life at Quinnipac

Greeks at Quinnipac are working throughout the student body.
While Greeks make up only four percent of the student body, they have certainly made their presence known. Sigma Phi Epsilon president, and senior political science major Steve Altmann points out that [Greeks] "Do a great job with such small numbers."

Sigma Phi Epsilon demonstrates the productivity and effectiveness, as well as a complete reversal of stereotypes with their Balanced Man Program. The fraternity does not believe in pledging, but rather a different strategy.

"It's not just about proving yourself once, it's about continuously improving…continued development," Altmann said. The brothers of SigEp are part of an incessant strive for self-improvement.

"Our members want to do more," Altmann said. "Guaranteed, you're going to come out a better person than when you came in."

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