Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Got room for one more, brother?

AKA - "Showing your 'Stuff'" at Northeastern University.
They just don't make elevators like they use to.

Media Credit: News Staff Photo/Zach Virgilio

Thirty rushes(sic) and two brothers of the Northeastern chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity piled into the Curry Student Center (CSC) elevator early Saturday afternoon, causing it to break down, said Sean Kelly, vice president of communications for the fraternity.

"NUPD [Northeastern Division of Public Safety] took all the information of the students [in the elevator] because they referred to it as a premeditated prank," said Kelly , who was not in the elevator at the time. "That's absolutely ridiculous. We have a very strict non-hazing policy."

Kelly said the brothers met at CSC to conduct personal interviews with each of the rushes. The 32 students attempted to ride the elevator together, before getting stuck for almost an hour. Following unsuccessful attempts by the Boston Fire Department to pry open the door, employees of building services finally got the doors open by turning the elevator off and back on again.

The CSC elevator was still out of service as of press time.
- Kate Augusto, News Staff
In the "good old days" we used phone booths (remember them?) and Volkswagon Beetles. There was also "Streaking" for "alternative entertainment."
Feature Photo: Got room for one more, brother? - News
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