Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Athens Sig Eps Haunt for Charity

'Fun, creepy' haunted house returns to Univ.
Haunting to benefit charities

Locals don't have to travel to Atlanta for their scare-fix - Sigma Phi Epsilon's Haunted House promises screams for everyone.

"The haunted house idea spawned from stories that the SigEp house is haunted by a 7-year-old girl named Tabitha," said Austin Williams, Sigma Phi Epsilon's philanthropy chair and a junior from Rhine. "From there, it just turned into this really cool event that a lot of people in the Athens community get really excited about."

Last fall, Sigma Phi Epsilon's housing board decided not to bring back its haunted house. However, it ultimately decided to continue its tradition this year.

"The haunted house is just a fun and creepy event to attend during the Halloween season," Williams said. "No one else in the Athens area produces anything along the same lines or quality."

All of Haunted House's proceeds will go to Children's Miracle Network through Dance Marathon.

"One of the major parts of any Greek organization is their philanthropic efforts," he said. "Haunted House is our way of contributing something back.

"Sigma Phi Epsilon is hoping the preview of their haunted house on Oct. 19 will bring large crowds, Williams said."

Haunted House T-shirts will be sold at the exits for $12 and tickets to the SigEp Graveyard Halloween party will also be sold at the exits for $8 dollars," he said. By partnering with Dance Marathon, the largest student philanthropy in the Southeast, Williams said he hopes to make enough to benefit the Network.

"No other haunted houses, including those in the Atlanta area, are put on for charity," Williams said. "
If you want to have fun, get scared, and help to change the lives of sick kids, come out to SigEp's haunted house. It is just a bunch of college kids going crazy for a great cause.
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