Saturday, September 29, 2007

SMU - Alcohol violations stacking up at historic rates

Welcome to a new fall semester. A time of Football, turning leaves, and drunk students. Seems like everybody is doing it. Almost.
Six SMU students were rushed to the hospital for drug and alcohol-related overdoses one week into the fall term. That number, which was provided by a university student affairs official, is the highest in SMU history and accounts for more than half of the eleven hospitalizations to date.

Paralleling the rise in hospitalizations, the number of student citations in relation to previous years have drastically increased. Since classes began on Aug. 23, drug and alcohol-related citations have been issued by SMU police nearly four times as many as the 68 that were written in the same time period last year.

Citations at Greek houses, which have occurred in the past, are part of this rise. Twenty incidents have resulted in 88 individual citations according to SMU police records. At this point in 2006, only 33 individual citations had been issued at Greek houses.

The highest single incident so far this year involved 14 students being cited for underage drinking on Aug. 30 at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house.

Sigma Chi has the highest total number of individual citations with 26 from four different incidents. SAE and Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) each have 21 individual citations. Pi Kappa Alpha has nine individual citations from six different incidents, Kappa Sigma has six individual citations from one incident and Kappa Alpha has five individual citations from two incidents.

Phi Delta Theta, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon have no citations or incidents that originated from their houses.
Good for us. Either they are really toeing the line, or they are too clever to get caught.

Alcohol violations stacking up at historic rates - News
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