Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An interview with a Wright State comedian - News

Steve Hofstetter isn't the only comic in SigEp. Here's a guy from Wright State who seems to be making a career of it as well.
Meet Sherif Hedayat: writer, actor, comedian, and Wright State alumni. After owning his own business, getting his degree in communications, and opening for the Axis of Evil comedy tour, Sherif has found himself back in Dayton for a Homecoming show along side MadTV's Aries Spears. I asked Sherif a few questions to find out more about his life and his experiences after Wright State.
Tell me a little more about the Homecoming show you're doing?
Hedayat: Well, I was in town helping out my frat, Sigma Phi Epsilon, during rush week. I started talking to an old friend and he told me there was a Homecoming show coming up. He put me in contact with the people in charge of the show. Again, it wasn't luck. It was me talking to people and being prepared when the opportunity showed itself.
An interview with a Wright State comedian - News
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