Thursday, September 27, 2007

IIT Scavenger Hunt - SigEps win

SigEp won the Illinois Intsitute of Technology Homecoming Scavenger Hunt this year.
One of the many exciting events and activities on campus during Homecoming week was a Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by the Union Board. The Hunt started at 5 pm on Thursday, September 20th and was over by 4pm on Friday, September 21st.
There were 46 clues all worth a different amount of points that the competitors had to take pictures of. “In the past, there were issues with people stealing things, so we decided to make this a photo hunt,” says Morley [Michael Morley - organizer].
Overall, it can be said that the Scavenger Hunt has reached its goal of educating students about the campus. Curt Aubry of the Sigma Phi Epsilon team said, referring to the Model Train Set room, “We found the single creepiest room on campus… The floor was shaking… We thought we might die.” Congratulations to the Sig Eps, who came in first with 100/100!
No thievery? Hardly seems worth the trouble. For a real scavenger hunt, you have to go a bit further uptown.

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