Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fratastic - 21 days of home repair - Drywall

Attenion House Managers! Our friends at Fratastic have started a new series called "21 Days of Home Repair." Each day they are taking one relatively simple job and giving a step-by-step how-to. The first post covers simple drywall repair.
One thing I like to do before repairing a hole in the wall is leave a little present for the next time a hole shows up. You can put a beer or another memento for the next person who repairs the wall. When I was the house manager, I found three or four pull tab beers, a sorority composite, and a full bottle of Glenlivet. The Glenlivet had a name attached and we invited the alumni who left it back to the house and those over 21 all shared it. It was a great time and we got to hear some great stories from back in the day.
Note: There is a YouTube link as well, but the thought police at my work don't let those subversive things through the firewall. I'll get the link up later tonight. Until then, go over to their pages and check out the video.

As Promised - Here is the video:
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