Monday, September 17, 2007

Awareness raised and bodies rocked

University of Maine Sig Eps held the sixth annual "Rock against Rape" concert. The usual political suspects showed up in between several band sets to help raise awareness and lend their support to a worthy cause.
On Saturday night, congressional representative Mike Michaud kicked off the evening by thanking everyone involved. He asserted the importance of the event and said, "It takes more than money ... it takes awareness." Michaud mingled with the students, giving firm handshakes, listening keenly and showing a moderate interest before the real show began
Taking the stage next was congressional representative Tom Allen with his wife Diana. They both echoed Michaud's request for awareness and transparency in regards to sexual assaults. Mrs. Allen explained her ambivalent feelings when she worked for the sexual assault hotline. She "felt a dread" whenever the phone rang but was glad she could be there for support.
Overall, the Sig Ep-endorsed Rock Against Rape, with a combination of political figures and entertaining musical groups was successful in raising awareness for sexual assault.
Congratulations on a continuing - and sadly continuously needed - committment to raising awareness.

Awareness raised and bodies rocked - Style
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