Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your correspondent learns a new word

I wandered over to the Lambda Chi "Voices" blog (it is linked on the sidebar too) to see if there was anything new and found a post by an undergrad who had just been blown away by the recently unveiled Lambda Chi "True Brother" program.
I just returned from the 2007 Stead Leadership Seminar where they unveiled the True Brotherhood initiative (and if you haven’t yet, I would seriously recommend you going to the C&C article about True Brother and reading it… it’s cool stuff…) The big thing that I’m personally worried about is that I was the sole brother from my chapter to attend and while I’m ready to dive headfirst into True Brotherhood, I think my chapter will take quite a bit more persuading.
...I’m afraid that when I go back, I’m going to be confronted with the same brick walls I’ve always been; a bunch of beer monkeys [...] who think i’m preaching like usual and will squeek loud enough to drone out the message…
"Beer Monkeys". I love it. It pretty much says it all in two words. Is there anyone who doesn't know exactly what that means? I'll bet there are one or two beer monkeys in your chapter even as we speak.

As far as their new program goes, I would not presume to offer a critique, pro or con, for a program I have not seen. A quick reading of the article about it gave me the impression it is a variation on the BMP model, however. Perhaps the other fraternities are seeing the benefits of a fully engaged development program.

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