Friday, August 10, 2007

Scenes from Conclave - Aug 9

As usual, Conclave is over-full of things to do and we have been busy.

The Blogger Breakfast on Thursday was a success. We missed the golfers - they left at 6:30 for the course (Oy!), but several interested parties showed up. Gay-Lynn from HQ (the Journal editor) came by for a while and was very interested in learning about why we are blogging and what we expect from it. Of course she did ask if we were going to keep on "muckraking". Our reply was "only as long as there is muck to rake."

Later we attended sessions on "Working with Millenials" and a "SigEp Today" overview of challenges and opportunities the fraternity is facing. Both were well done and tended to focus on the roll that volunteers can play both in the lives of undergraduates and with chapters facing uncertain climates on campus.

This evening we attended the opening session "Balanced Man Celebration" for better or worse, neither "King" Kohn nor "$crilla" was in evidence. There was a "Drumline" opening, though.

Archie made his state of SigEp/farewell address and was in fine form. If his drawl was any more syrupy you could pour it on your pancakes for breakfast. He spoke eloquently of the passing of Jim Robeson shortly after the Nashville Conclave. However he saved his most emotional comments until he got to the subject of hazing. He fairly shouted that it must cease, and then had to stop for a moment to recover his composure. He had the crowd with him and applauding in agreement with his conviction.

There were 36 Buchanan cups given out tonight. It only seemed like 150. At one point we suggested to the person next to us that it might go quicker if they just read out those who didn't get a cup. Four "Sig Ep Fellows" were also honored.

All in all the presentation was, well, workmanlike. There were no big surprises (except TX Alpha didn't get a cup). There was also no big "Gee-Whiz" factor either. The venue ("The Tabernacle") was cramped, hot, and had stairs which were unfriendly to elderly knee joints. Scuttlebut suggests that the original plan was to have the event at the (much larger) Fox Theater but that it fell through at the last moment.

One last thing. We have hooked up with HQ in the picture department. They have published some already and we have added them to the pool ofpictures that displays in the sidebar. So Conclave pictures are appearing in the sidebar.
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