Monday, August 20, 2007

Rush like a Professional

Our frends at Fratastic have been running a series on rush techniques. We have collected the links for you to look at and maybe get a pointer or two:
Rush like a professional in just 5 days - Day 1
Tip 1: Stick to the plan
The plan is the most important part of recruitment. You should have a detailed plan worked out well before rush week starts with a schedule, type of recruits you’re looking for, where to look for members, etc.

Rush like a professional in just 5 days - Day 2 - Opposition Research
Tip 2: Research your opposition
Lets face it. Recruitment is a competition. Why not find out what other houses are doing for recruitment? We’re not encouraging any KGB tactics, or making disparaging comments about other houses. Rather find out what type of events other fraternites have planned and make sure that your rush activities stick out.

Rush like a professional day 3 - Define Your House
Tip 3: Define Your house
Yesterday we talked about doing research on other houses to make sure your rush activities stand out. Today we’ll discuss defining your house so that you can better sell it to recruits.

Rush like a professional day 4- Be real
Tip 4: Be Real
In our last rush tip, we discussed defining your chapter house so that you could better sell it to rushees. Today our focus is on being real with recruits.

Rush like a professional day 5- Only take the best
Tip 5: Only the Best
In the past four days, we’ve discussed everything from creating a successful rush plan to doing opposition research. Today’s tip is to only take the best of the best in new recruits.... If you’ve been doing your job correctly, you will bring in the right type of recruits to your chapter.
There you are. It's a good place to start. For more detailed and SigEp specific suggestions contact HQ or ask your Regional Director. The bottom line is: You have to do the work to get the results. New members will not just fall into your lap.
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