Saturday, August 11, 2007

Running on empty

We have just returned from the Conclave 5K run, benefitting YouthAids. Why do I think I can still keep up with kids less than half my age?

This year we got RFID tags so that our time could be accurately assessed - one more way for me to be embarrassed. During the stretching and loosening before the run I was trying a stretch that Rod Raymond was demonstrating and - POP! - something in my hip gave way. I decided I had done enough stretching and went and sat for the rest of the 'warm-up'.

During the run I was very focused on the hip and whether I was "injured" or just "hurt". I was able to hobble over the finish line ... eventually, so I guess it is just "hurt". But it was a new experience and not a good one. Other than that it was a pretty fair run. Alanta has hills, though, and Houston doesn't so that gave a bit more challenge. We started early enough that the heat was not too bad and there was a good breeze to keep up cool. Centennial Park has dancing water jets on part of the plaza too and they were welcome after we were done.

Truthfully, after all the whining, I am glad I did it. I was talking to Sam Moschelli after the run (yes, he was there too) and noted that there were about 100 or so people who got up to do the run, but over 1000 stayed in bed!

And they had t-shirts this time.
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