Saturday, August 11, 2007

Old, Grumpy, Has-beens

The "Face time with the OGH" session was well attended in every sense. There was practically standing room only in the room and 9 recipients of the Order of the Golden Heart formed an ad-hoc panel to talk about how and why they have given so much time and energy to the Fraternity. The crowd was all ears as each OGH told how he came to be committed to "working in the vineyards" of individual chapters.

The audience was then invited to ask questions. Chuck Eberly responded to one question about behavior by saying that heavy drinking is often a response to "the hegemonic expectation of manhood" (I hope I got that right!). In other words they do it because it is expected of them. "You aren't a man if you can't hold your liquor" would be one way that is expressed.

The questions and answers were provocative, thoughtful, and spin-free. These guys have no reason to prevaricate. They have already done it all. It was a wonderful way to prepare for lunch.
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