Friday, August 24, 2007

Marietta College Greeks Move In On Freshmen

Moving In Day at MC

Move in day is always a stressful day for students and parents, especially on a hot day like today....luckily Marietta College Freshmen received some help from fraternity and sorority members in a program called Greek Movers.

For incoming Freshmen college represents meeting new people and being away from their parents but most dont think about the stress of moving into a dorm room. Luckily the Greek members of Marietta College help out making things a bit easier.

"Were here at Marietta College helping Freshmen move in, when they pull up we unload the cars for them, making it a little easier for the parents and the kids, taking the stress off of them", says Nick Aylward, a Greek Mover from Delta Tau Delta.

Even though they cant take away the stress from classes and exams. Thursday they were a huge help.

"Members of greek life did an amazing job today of helping us all, the upperclassmen were very helpful. Being freshmen, we always over pack, we bring a lot of stuff with us, you learn though. It was a lot of fun, a little hot, a little muggy, but overall, a great experience", says Michael Rahanian, an incoming Freshman.

On such a hot day the Greek Movers made sure they kept everyone hydrated and happy. "They had plenty of water set up for us, they had a nice big cooler inside. They had some refreshments, some stuff to eat. I went through a few layers of clothes, i definitely have a lot of wash to do after the first day moving in", says Rahanian.

The freshmen didn't let the heat melt away their excitement to begin college life. "I am very excited to be here, we have orientation tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. They have a fun filled weekend planned for us, activities, a lot of ice-breakers, getting to know each other, just get settled into college life...a big change from high school", says Rahanian.

The new students will spend the weekend getting settled in and then start classes on Monday
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