Thursday, August 23, 2007

Greek Sen. resigns after dropping from house

At USC, there was a chapter reorganization. One member decided he didn't want to play any more, so he has givenup his seat as a Greek representing senator in the student government organization.
Danny Hockenmaier, one of two elected Greek senators for the academic year, resigned from his post this summer.
Last spring, the national association for the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity reorganized the local USC chapter, inviting back only 20 members.

Although Hockenmaier was among those chosen to return to SigEp for the fall, he decided to leave the fraternity after the house's change of face.
No longer a member of USC's Greek community, Hockenmaier is not allowed to serve as a Greek senator and was asked to resign from his position.
I guess he didn't want to be part of a BMP Chapter.

Greek Sen. resigns after dropping from house - News
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