Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FraternityLive Features Private Network at 50th Sigma Phi Epsilon Conclave

I had a chance to visit with the FraternityLive people for a few minutes at Conclave. The service looks like it has all the right "hooks" to work well in a campus or alumni environment. They put out this press release about their presence. (They also were at the Teke, Pike, and Beta Theta Pi conventions.)
Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 26, 2007 -- Sigma Phi Epsilon's 50th Conclave was recently held in Atlanta, where attendees were invited to explore the free FraternityLive.com communications network. As the largest private online Greek community in the world, FraternityLive is attracting attention as a tool to strengthen chapters in their organization, communication, and overall success.

With this year marking their 50th Conclave, over 1400 members of Sigma Phi Epsilon gathered to commemorate this milestone in the Fraternity's history. Both undergraduates and Alumnae were in attendance to celebrate the continued strength of their Fraternity, and discuss initiatives in chapter leadership and management. In line with these initiatives, the FraternityLive network presented their online applications which promote chapter organization and communication. Designed specifically for the Greek community, the free online applications offer social features combined with financial tools, demonstrating a powerful means of further strengthening Sigma Phi Epsilon chapters.

With their landmark 50th Conclave, Sigma Phi Epsilon is gearing up for a busy Recruitment season this Fall. However with the powerful social and financial tools offered by FraternityLive, which already serves over 200 active members of the Fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon stands ready to take their chapters to new heights of excellence.

For copy, demo or additional information about FraternityLive contact Corina Newby or visit www.tsotinc.com.

About TSOT Inc.:
TSOT is the owner and manager of the innovative online applications FraternityLive and SororityLive. These applications are designed for the Greek community, helping chapters all over North America to stay organized and connected while maintaining the privacy and integrity of their network.

Corina Newby
305-14 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto, ON M5R 1A9
Phone: (416) 640-6144 ext.229
I have a few general concerns, not just about FraternityLive but about the growth models used by so many of the new networks. Like many of the social networks that are springing up like mushrooms after a rainstorm this one is insular and there are few if any connections to the outside.(They have announced a Facebook connection applet, though.) That means that one must be a member to get any benefit. The other side of that is there is little "connection synergy" until a sufficient subset of the target group has signed up. If an IFC decided to champion this for a campus so all the chapters could share information it could be awesome. They would still need to get a 'critical mass' of members signed up, though.

FraternityLive Features Private Network at 50th Sigma Phi Epsilon Conclave
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