Monday, August 13, 2007

Dinner Tickets Available to Select Few

In an earlier post, I commented that I had e-mailed HQ regarding Conclave tickets for the Saturday festivities and/or the Saturday Alumni Celebration Dinner. I was told they were not available. In fact, I was also told that this had never been done before. Obviously, there is no knowledge of history, recent or otherwise, on the HQ staff as tickets had been previously available for at least the past 10 Conclaves to my knowledge. Maybe I should thank them for saving me some money, but I find it inequitable that others Brothers and/or guests were allowed to purchase tickets for the dinner. I also find it interesting, but may be rumor, that there was not even a consistent price for the tickets they did sell.

It would seem to me that the object of the game would be to encourage more participation by alumni who may not be actively involved as alumni volunteers or unable to get there for the week because of work or other conflicts. One thing that might be considered is to move the Ritual presentation to Friday evening, making it accessible to those alumni who can't get in for the week but who can make it for the weekend. Then they get to relive the excitement of the Ritual which they may not have seen in years and then participate in the Saturday festivities.

I am NOT advocating a la carte Conclave pricing, but the Saturday activities could be a big draw for alumni that are not volunteering with a chapter or housing corporation, or some other active involvement with the Fraternity. Seems to me, relighting the fraternal fire in distant alumni might help increase our alumni volunteer pool, not to mention the Foundation coffers.

But ..... I guess there are some alumni they want to show up and some they don't. This writer can only assume that he is one of the blacklisted latter. Thanks, HQ.
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