Monday, August 06, 2007

Conclave Rumors

We got a comment a few days ago chiding us in a mildly humorous way that we had not had any "inside dirt" on what legislation is coming up at Conclave and who the front-runners are for NBD and Grand Prez.

We hate to disappoint our loyal readers, so here is a smattering of what we have heard and surmised:

  • There will be legislation introduced to add the heads of the Housing Corporation and the Educational Foundation to the National Board of Directors as ex officio members. This will have the effect of increasing the size of the NBD by 2 and, as a commenter mentioned, diluting the influence the student members have.
  • Since the "traditional" model chapters now number less than 20% of the total number of chapters there may very well be a resolution introduced to set a "date certain" for all chapters to convert to the BMP. This year you can expect the measure to be roundly defeated, but it could set the tone for a serious push to establish a single development model in 2009 at Orlando.
  • Someone may introduce a resolution to clarify the "official" colors of the Fraternity. If it passes it will probably be referred to a committee that will take 3 years to decide the issue.
  • As far as the "race" for Grand President goes, the smart money is looking toward the "left coast". That is not a certainty, however. We hear that Diebold voting machines will be used so anything is possible. (Yes, we know that one doesn't actually "campaign" for the position - kind of like nobody campaigns to be Pope.)
  • An outside possibility is adding an inclusionary statement on legal residence to the membership requirements - as in "we don't check green cards!" (hmmmm. Could that lead to the establishment of a chapter at Guantanamo?)
  • There is also a possibility of a minor change - a clarification, really - to the Ritual. But of course if I tell you any more, well, then I have to..., you know.
  • Then of course the usual highly controversial resolutions to "Thank the host chapter", to "Require decorum in the weekend activities" (i.e. no bottle rockets!), and so on.
  • As of today we have not gotten any confirmation on a move to re-think the 2009 location (a resort outside of Orlando FL).

There you have it. If any of you readers have heard other rumblings please pass them along and we'll post them with our usual discretion.

We will see you in Atlanta!!! Remember, all are welcome at the Bloggers Breakfast.

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