Friday, August 10, 2007

Conclave - Resolutions Round-Up

There are the usual mix of resolutions being proposed. Some good, some mundane, and some that make you wonder "What were they thinking?". Here is a sample. We will let you decide which category they belong to. Note - nearly all are still in the "committee" phase. Resolutions that have been definitively passed or defeated are indicated:

  • R 1. Ritual equipment must be kept complete and in good order. Failure to do so could result in Loss of charter.
  • R 2. (passed) If there is a vacancy for a District Governor in an area the HQ Executive Director may make Chapter Counselor appointments for that district.
  • R 5. Raise the Housing Fund fee from $20 to $25.
  • R 6. Rename the references to the National Housing Corp. to reflect the name of the new LLC created to satisfy tax requirements
  • R 7. (passed) All Alumni Boards (AVC) must appoint an ex-officio undergraduate member.
  • R 9. (defeated) Invocations and meal blessings are not to reference a specific religious denomination.
  • R 10. (passed) Encourge full use of the Ritual interpretation; HQ to get involved in making sure there is uniformity in the perfomance.
  • R 11. Add "Sound Spirit" to the "Sound Mind, Sound Body" slogan.
  • R 12. Create an "Alumni Senate" to vote on matters of Chapters' Finace, Assets, and Operations. Adoption of those matters would be subject to approval by both the "Alumni Senate" AND Grand Conclave legislative session.
  • R 13. Nominating committees may not have "interference" from uninvited "interested parties" while they are selecting nominees for NBD, Grand Pres., etc.

A reminder - all proposals and their ultimat disposition will be available on the HQ web site after Conclave concludes.

That's the update as of this morning. we will let the reader decide which of these proposals are "muck" that needs to be raked.

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