Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boise State looks to Expand Greeks

BSU Looks to Grow More Greek Life
By Kiersten Throndsen

Boise State heads back to school on Monday. This semester they're expecting record enrollment of 19,000 students. With growing interest and a changing image some BSU leaders think it's time to start thinking more Greek.

It's a far cry from the frat life in the well-known party movie 'Animal House.' In fact, many students at Boise State might not think about Greek life at all here.

"I think of it more as being a U of I thing," said BSU Senior Ryan Noack when asked what he thought about Greek life on campus.

"A lot of the students on campus don't actually know that there are Greeks on campus, let a lone what a Greek is," agreed President of the Kappa Sigma Chapter Craig Whitten.

But some Boise State leaders are working to change that, looking into what it might take to expand their Greek system.

"Fraternity and Sorority members, when they graduate, tend to be more actively involved in the community, they also tend to be more actively involved with the alumni associations," said Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, John McGuire.

McGuire says those are benefits the entire community can reap with a more dominant Greek presence at the University.

Right now there are four sororities, four fraternities, and only one campus house for each. The largest Frat is Kappa Sigma with 40 members but only 12 brothers can live in their house.

"It's a lot different from what you see in the movies or on TV."Whitten says his frat would love to see more Greek housing, something McGuire says is possible with their long term plans but he also says BSU will never have the traditional Greek system.

"It's not going to be the houses that will hold 75 to 120 people that's just not feasible for a Metropolitan University," McGuire told CBS 2 Eyewitness News.

BSU says they want to expand on what's already happening with their Greek life, but they don't plan to support the kind of Greek system you might see in 'Animal House' at Boise State anytime soon.

Plans to expand BSU's Greek life won't happen overnight. The University is having a fraternity and sorority team come to the campus in October. They will help BSU come up with a vision on how they can grow their Greek life to fit into a long term plan for their student body.

The Task Force also will travel around the country to see what works good when it comes to Greek systems at other, similar universities.
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