Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alpha Phi Alpha Outlaws Use of the N-word

Black Fraternity Bans N-word from its Vocabulary

The president of Alpha Phi Alpha's national organization put a ban on the fraternity's use of the "N-word" and asked to put an end to its use in popular culture as well.

"I don’t know many ethnic groups other than the black community that use such harsh language with each other and empower other people to think it’s OK to use it," said Darryl R. Matthews Sr., Alpha Phi Alpha's general president at the fraternity's national convention in Orlando.

"The word has evil intent. It’s not a term of endearment. It is not just symbolic," he added.

Matthews also asked the individual chapters of the fraternity ban use of music and other outlets of media that use the word at parties and in their houses."We want to go on record and tell our college brethren not to use DJs or play music that contains lyrics that are offensive, demeaning or degrading," Matthews said.

Alpha Phi Alpha is the nation's oldest and largest black fraternity.
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