Friday, July 13, 2007

Mizzou Frat Wants to Turn Old House into Apartments

Fraternity Looks to Turn Empty House into Apartments
from Frat Boy News

An old fraternity house at the University of Missouri may look a lot different in the years to come if the city's planning commission approves a new idea.The alumni association of the fraternity Alpha Gamma Sigma asked the city for commercial zoning and the redevelopment approval for a home in the campus' Greektown.Alpha Gamma Sigma bought an old house that formerly belonged to the fraternity Alpha Kappa Lambda and hope to renovate into a building that can earn them some money.The plan calls to turn the first floor into a restaurant and convenience store, while turning the rest of the buildings floors into apartments students can rent."One of the issues we deal with right now is that seniors like to move out and have more independent living," said Larry Schuster, a board member for Alpha Gamma Sigma’s alumni association.Alpha Kappa Lambda moved out of the house about five years ago, its president Adam Berkowitz said.
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