Friday, July 20, 2007

Fratastic - Turning your Chapter “Green”

From our friends at "Fratastic"...
A good article about energy saving steps a chapter can take.
Green is in. From the recent Live Earth concerts to the new Discovery TV channel PlanetGreen, the general public is becoming increasingly environmentally savvy. I still have reservations about the validity of the argument that human carbon emissions are causing the earth’s temperature to warm. However, I don’t have any reservations about the potential money your chapter can save on its electricity bill by installing energy saving products. Check below for tips on using hippy-technology to your benefit.

CFL [compact flourescent light] Bulbs:
Consider installing CFL’s everywhere you have incandescent bulbs. The initial cost of the bulbs can be anywhere between 3 and 10 times the cost of a regular light bulb. You’ll make up this cost in saved energy and also due to the fact that on average, CFL bulbs last 8 to 15 times longer than regular bulbs. On average, CFL’s use about 1/5 the energy comparable incandescents use.
A CFL can save you on average $25-$50 over its lifetime. Multiply that by the number of fixtures in your house and you’ve got some great savings...
And, since it is OK to "Do Well While Doing Good", tips on how to get the efforts noticed:
Invite the Press:
Plan a “Green Weekend” to make these changes and invite the local press. People don’t usually put fraternity members in the “eco-friendly” category and your local TV station and newspaper would most likely love to cover your efforts. Consider putting out a press release and you might be surprised at the results and goodwill you gain.
Fratastic - Turning your Chapter “Green”
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