Monday, July 23, 2007

Fratastic Hits the Nail on the Head!

3 Lessons Paris Hilton Can Teach Fraternity Men
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Monday, 23 July 2007

Paris Hilton can be called many things: Hotel heiress, whore, drama queen, ex-con, but would you ever call Paris Hilton a chapter advisor? Although some reader may wish Paris was their chapter advisor, Fraternities can learn many a lesson by following the examples Hilton sets.

Stupid makes headlines:From the reality show, to using her star power to try and avoid jail time, Paris isn’t known for her smarts. Much like Hilton, Fraternity men are under constant scrutiny from authorities. We’re held to a higher standard than regular college students. Realize the fact that people are watching your every move. Snitches are everywhere and administrators across the country are looking for excuses to restrict and punish Fraternities. All it takes is one slip up on your part for administrators to condemn an entire Greek system.

Keep your private life private:Let’s be honest. Like the rest of America, You’ve seen or heard about Paris Hilton’s sex tape. Although plagued with shoddy camera work, this sex tape can teach fraternity men a good lesson: Don’t publicize your crazy antics. Sure you thought it was great fun last night at the bars when you took that final shot of Cuervo and tried hook up the manage a trios with those two uglies. No it won’t be great fun when potential employers see the play by play on Facebook. Some things are best left to anecdotes and memories. Remember this next time you break out the digital camera. Once it’s on the Internet, you’re not getting rid of it.

Take Pride in Yourself:Paris Hilton is like Afghanistan. Bombed out and depleted (Thanks Chapelle!). Don’t let your house turn into Paris Hilton. Besides brothers and convictions, your chapter residence is the most important part of a Fraternity. Treat it like your best friends parents house. I hate doing house duties, but what happens if that pledge comes over tomorrow and there aren’t any clean dishes for him?

Be like Nike and Just Do it.
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