Thursday, July 05, 2007

Always willing to help a brother

It seems as though the much anticipated online volunteer training module has struck a snag. Bro. Huff has put out a cry for help.
Hello & Help Wanted

In working to develop online training modules I have quickly learned why there are experts who develop training materials.

Does anyone know of a good consultant/organization we can work with to aid in the development of our training materials? In addition to our online materials we need to develop materials for classroom training.

Please feel free to contact me at As always, we are in a rush!


Gary Huff
Gary, the folks at S&P feel your pain. There is certainly nothing wrong with asking for help. We use help forums at work all the time.

We send this out in hopes that there may be a reader who can offer some assistance. What about it, folks? Any online training experts that can lend a brother a hand? Conclave is fast approaching and it does not look like we will have a "Ready for Prime Time" training experience to show off unless something incredible happens soon.

The product forum is here:
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