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ABC Family Show Greek and Greek Reaction

ABC Family Show "GREEK"

The Association of Fraternity Advisors has been asked to react to the new ABC program Greek.

The following message was posted: I have received several email messages from individuals asking me what AFA was doing to address the ABC Family Show, GREEK.

Early in June, I sent an email to ABC Family requesting a copy of the show in order for Linda Wardhammar and me to “screen” it before it airs. I got a same day response back.

ABC Family’s email was so interesting in that they admitted to the previews being painted in a more negative light than the show actually will be. (attached at the end is the email dialogue)

Yesterday, I took the time to download and watch GREEK from iTunes (free). Let me say, it is not that bad. In fact, I laughed several times and was certainly entertained! (we can discuss the quality of acting and writing at another time)

It IS stereotypical, but nothing that hasn't been shown a thousand times already on Beverly Hills, 90210, MTV, etc. There is an awesome answer to a question by a male PNM to an active (you'll know it when you see it because he uses OUR statistics) It is also pretty darn accurate in general with some aspects of college life, fraternity and sorority lingo, etc. We'll have to wait and see how the show progresses.

AND DIVERSITY, we WISH we were like they portray us!!!
Download it, watch it, discuss it with you students. All the time, remember it is summer TV!
Kyle A. Pendleton, Assistant Dean of Students
Purdue University

The following message was posted by Cal Poly who did preview the show and completed the questionnaire:

We actually had ABC to host a screening on our campus a few weeks ago. I must say I am very disappointed in the content of the show, especially with it being a "family show". How will non -greek parents and first generation college studetns feel about our fraternal system after seeing this show?

Having college students floating in a red beer cup is hardly a postive recruitment or marketing tool for our community. As I walked through the mall this weekend with my 9 year old son, he asked me "Daddy, why does it say greek and the students are in beer?"

I am however proud that my students here at Cal Poly have taken a stand against this and have also written a letter to ABC. Below you will find the responses to the survey that the Greek Council of Cal Poly Pomona developed:

The results below are that of a questionnaire distributed during the sneak preview of the ABC Family show “GREEK.” The pilot episode was shown at California State Polytechnic University Pomona on Monday, June 4, 2007 at 10pm. This questionnaire was given to a number of Greek students at random in the viewing room of the show. Therefore it is only representative of Greek students. Twenty-two of the surveys were collected and are represented in this document.

The survey was developed in this format as opposed to a rating or “yes or no” system to prompt detailed responses. This document displays a summary of the responses to the questions, as well as all of the individual responses of the participants.
1.) What was your opinion of the show before seeing a full episode, based on the trailer?
i. Positive comments: 1 Negative comments:15 Neutral or None:6
ii. Generally, the participants felt that prior to viewing an entire episode, and based solely on the trailer, “GREEK” was going to be another stereotypical show about Greek Life. It would only portray Greek Life in a negative and exaggerated context, promoting only alcohol, sex and drugs, while ignoring the positive.

-I saw too many stereotypes and bias.
-A stereotyping show of the Greek system, like Old School.
-Hot girls. Dorky guys. Not Athletic.
-Nerdy kid rushing a Fraternity.
-I thought it was going to be a Greek bashing.
-I didn't see the trailer.
-Stereotypical in a negative context.
-I think it portrays the usual stereotypes that follow most Greek organizations.
-It was based on a negative view of Greek Life.
-OK, Exaggerated.
-Same as after I saw it. (All stereotypes. Never explains the true meaning for organizations.)
-It seemed entertaining.
-Scared of what to expect.
-It though it would be a little far fetched.
-N/A – Did not like advertisements though.
-N/A, but I didn't hear good things.
-Parties, looking perfect, and superficial.
-It seemed stereotypical about Sororities and Fraternities.
-No positive portrayal of the Greek system.
-It was going to show Greeks in a bad light.
-It was going to depict sex drugs, and alcohol.

2.) What was your opinion after seeing the show?
i. Positive comments: 10 Negative comments: 10 Neutral or None: 2
ii. Generally, after viewing the pilot episode, the participants found the show entertaining and funny, but remained unsettled about the amount of negative stereotypes and lack of positive aspects of Greek Life, such as values and philanthropy.

-I'm not impressed.
-A stereotypical show of the Greek system, with some drama.
-Funny. Kind of random, but I liked it.
-Funny, some bad stereotypes.
-There were some true parts, but a lot was really exaggerated.
-It seemed interesting however some parts upset me.
-Entertaining for non-Greeks.
-Overall it follows Greek stereotypes.
-It has some family values-no Greek values.
-I loved it.
-All stereotypes. It never explained true meanings for organizations.
-I thought it wasn't that bad.
-It was OK.
-The sorority was far from the truth.
-There were entertaining parts, but a lot of stereotypes.
-It was funny but very stereotypical. Many of the stereotypes are not true.
-It's funny. Shows negative sides. Don't take philanthropies seriously.
-It seemed alright, but was based on main stream.
-Worst then I thought.
-I thought it was really funny.
-It was funny but did just that.

3.) What did you like about it?
i. Generally, the participants enjoyed the storyline and plot, and found the show entertaining and funny.

-The characters were well cast
-I kind of liked it. Funny parties. Very authentic and over the top.
-The comedy and the values.
-It was funny.
-The characters seemed likable, and the plot was interesting.
-Humorous, and the progressing relationship of the brother and sister.
-The comedy and how the brother stands up for himself.
-The storyline; really similar and true.
-Very entertaining.
-The nerd.
-I enjoyed the comedy.
-Portrayal of rushing.
-Nothing. It was all negative stereotypes.
-It was funny.
-Storyline, jokes

4.) What didn't you like about it?
i. Generally, the participants did not like the focus of negative stereotypes on Greek Life and lack of positive aspects of Greek Life.

-The writing was terrible
-Negative stereotypes – there was no single instance where any Greek was genuine.
-They were happy too easily.
-Stereotypes, drugs, and lies.
-Sorority girls aren't that bad!
-How the sorority girls were vain and mean.
-Cliche; bad portrayal of Greeks.
-Party scenes and the superficial mentality of the sorority girls.
-None of the Greeks did anything positive.
-Stereotypes are exaggerated.
-That they used Greek Life as an excuse to highlight college stereotypes.
-Bad portrayal of Greeks!
-The emphasis on bad stereotypes.
-fights, all about looks, stereotypes, and dirty rushing.
-The partying.
-Worst thing for the Greek community in a long time.
-Some of the story only depicted negative stereotypes of Greek Life.
-They made Greeks seem stupid, superficial, and petty.

5.) What would you like to see added to the show?
i. Generally, the participants felt there should be a more balanced representation of Greek Life. Although parties do exist, Fraternities and Sororities participate and are serious about community service and philanthropy, they are leaders, they are diverse (not all members are Caucasian), and they have morals. There is much more then what is portrayed in the show.

-A more balanced perspective (i.e., philanthropies, parties, etc...)
-Real Greeks.
-Community Service.
-Be serious about service events we do, don't just joke about it.
-A good image.
-Nothing I can think of.
Show the other side of Greek Life.
-Just college kids, not Greeks.
-So far so good.
-More non-Greeks
-The good side – philanthropy and leadership.
-I would like it removed from the air.
-Some positive things.
-More honest portrayal of Greeks.
-Positive aspects of Greek Life.

6.) What would you like to see removed from the show?
i. Generally, the participants felt the negative stereotyping should be removed from the show.

-O.C. Drama
-The gay Fraternity guy.
-The gayness.
-The Greek aspect of it.
-That all the girls are sluts.
-The joking about parties as something good.
- Greek Life.
-The Sorority
-All the parties, sleeping around, and hazing.
-Making Greeks seem stupid, superficial, and petty.
-Sad actors!!

Additional comments:
-Funny although somewhat insulting.
-People that aren't Greek are like that too. Why label Greeks and give them a bad name?
-Really good.
-Tau is pronounced “Taw”
-First off, a rushee would NEVER be left alone on the rush floor. Second sisters would NEVER stab each other in the back.
-Cancel the show.
When you get the chance to see it, comment to us please.
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