Tuesday, June 26, 2007


[This information is being posted to help those who are planning to attend Conclave in Atlanta. We'll have more information as we get it. Think of us as "The Infopack that HQ Forgot"]

...Or, to paraphrase a slogan from a less enlightened time: "Moving Alumni Rapidly Through Atlanta".

"Going Green" is a big deal these days, just ask Al Gore. For those who want to do their part, or if you just don't have cab fare after paying for Conclave registration and the room charges, the Metro Atlanta Transit Authority has a convienient way to get to and from the Airport and even get around while you are in town.

The MARTA rail system can get you from the airport(S7) to the Peachtree Center(N1) in less than 20 minutes. Cost of the trip: $1.75 - plus a one-time $.50 fee for a reloadable "Breeze" card. You can also get a 'Visitor Pass' good for unlimited rides while you are in town. (Why didn't HQ let people know about this? They could get discounts, too.)

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