Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Life Story: Attitude helped man overcome cancer

This is an inspirational story of perseverance, refusal to be dismayed, and active brotherhood. I wish I had known Jason. He sounds like a great friend and brother.
Disease didn't stop man from living a full life
By Barbara D. Jones - For The Sun News

Jason S. McMahon was diagnosed with cancer at age 17 and for the next 21 years never allowed the cancer to prevent his enjoyment of each day.
The son of Diana McMahon Thomson and the late Michael McMahon, Jason McMahon was born June 18, 1969, in St. Louis. He died May 10.
Phillip Reed and McMahon were fraternity brothers in Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at USC-Coastal and remained good friends for the following 18 years.

"As you get older your friends drift apart and from college we all move away," Reed said. "He and I always kept in touch, and he would be the first one to pick the phone up and call me and say 'Let's meet somewhere.'"

Reed said he knew McMahon had cancer, but that McMahon never wanted to discuss it. Instead they would meet in Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, in North Carolina to go surfing, and other locations to spend time together.

"There's a song called, 'Live Life Like There's no Tomorrow,' and that's about how he did," Reed said. "I think he knew he only had a certain amount of time left, and he didn't want to tell anybody about it.

"I played golf with him two weeks before he passed away, and he beat me in golf," Reed said. "That just shows you the will he had to live, to play 18 holes of golf. I miss him very much."

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