Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Article on Frat Row misleading

The article referred to (rebutted) here is fairly lengthy, but it is worth the link if only for the extensive and entertaining comments that it has drawn.
"Free Speech Friday"

The May 31 article “Students and the Community: Off-campus Life North of 45th Street” was an irresponsible article that contained misleading facts. For example, the reference to the 2003 riot being pinned as a Greek community occurrence is a false accusation. Granted, this unfortunate incident occurred in our neighborhood, but the majority of the constituents of the riot were not members of the Greek community.
The information regarding the party protocol was also incorrect. The party registration process required by the university does not allow the police to enter and search without probable cause. It is the banquet permit issued by the Washington State Liquor Control Board that gives them the power to enter our facilities and inspect.

Moreover, at no point does Sigma Phi Epsilon “call the bartenders” to inform them of police presence, nor do we “loudly announce” their arrival. The system we have in place is to have sober members walk through the party and ensure that none of the partygoers themselves have provided alcohol to minors, which of course would fall upon us in a liability sense. The butcher paper does nothing to keep the police from direct access to the party. It is merely a means to provide a channel for guests who are unfamiliar with the layout of the house to navigate and helps us to regulate access from a more controllable point of our house.

Lastly, the student code of conduct is not only being backed by Eric Godfrey. The student body as represented by ASUW is in full support, as well as, the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic which have both passed votes on the issue.

Readers only got a behind the scenes of only one fraternity through an article that was riddled with false information.

One last bit of false information: Three Six Mafia did not compose “Ridin’ Dirty”: Chamilionaire is the artist.

Emory Dean
Sigma Phi Epsilon
I am certainly glad we got that confusion over "Ridin' Dirty" cleared up!
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