Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who are you, and what have you done with my fraternity?

(Thanks to Gregg Presbury for this revelation)

A small entry in a news item today caught our eye:

Illinois College
Aurora: Mackenzie Buchanan has pledged to Sigma Phi Epsilon Literary Society

Apparently these folks have been around a while too...

Illinois College--Sigma Phi Epsilon


Illinois College is the only college in Illinois, and quite possibly, the only remaining college in the country that includes literary, fraternal and social activities in one organization. Initial literary society formation on the campus began in 1843 due to strong interest in intercollegiate oratory and requests for organizations specializing in literary and forensic expression.

The seven literary societies, three women’s (Gamma Delta, Chi Beta and Sigma Phi Epsilon) and four men’s (Sigma Pi, Phi Alpha, Gamma Nu and Pi Pi Rho), continue to flourish at Illinois College. They hold weekly business meetings and literary programs, where members offer debates, orations, essays, declamations, dramatic monologues, readings, extemporaneous speeches and individual compositions. They also offer many services and social activities that benefit society members, all Illinois College students and the Jacksonville community. Literary societies are a unique entity and are truly worth investigating.

Sigma Phi Epsilon
Nickname: Phips
Founded: 1916
Colors: Yellow and White
Motto: "Knowledge, Love and Service."
Flower: Daisy
Brothers: The men of Sigma Pi

So... when does the copyright infringement lawsuit go to trial?

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