Friday, May 04, 2007

UNLV Captures Sex Offender

UNLV Police Bust Peeping Tom

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for Friday:

University of Nevada in Las Vegas UNLV students may be a little more cautious as they go to class. There are new concerns about school security after the arrest of a registered sex offender in a women's restroom.What's usually a place of privacy no longer has that promise. At least that's what students say at UNLV. "The campus is open to the public but not to wander in restrooms," one UNLV told News 3. That's exactly what happened Tuesday afternoon.

Reports came in that a man was in a women's restroom on the university's north side. He was allegedly peeking over stalls.

When UNLV police made the arrest, they found Eric Owens was no stranger at the school, but he's not at student. Officers say he's been told to leave before, even placed on a campus watch list.

But what some say is even scarier about the 39-year-old is that he's a tier 2 sex offender from California, convicted of attempted rape and assault. Now, he's behind bars again on charges of lewd conduct, trespassing and failure to change address.

"That really brings an awareness to community here." For Diane Tuazone, that means never completely trusting your surroundings. "All my group of friends go to the bathroom together to be on the safe side, but it's a safety issue, the campus is open."

"This campus isn't in the greatest area." Which forces student Amanda Divito to take extra caution. But she adds she doesn't want police outside bathroom stalls just to keep peeping toms out.

Citing the ongoing investigation, campus police didn't want to comment on camera. While they call the incident rare, one officer tells us that with the school's busy location, keeping unwanted people off campus is one of the department's most frustrating challenges.
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