Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Secret DKE Ritual Must Exclude Animals

[Thanks to the guys at FratBoyNews for this example of enlightenment.]

LSU DKE Chapter Cleared of Goat Charges

LSU Lifts Fraternity's Suspension

LSULouisiana State University's chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity is no longer suspended on the Baton Rouge campus, after having their name cleared in an incident of hazing involving a goat stemming from an initiation party last November.

LSU“In this day and age, whether it’s right or wrong when people hear ‘fraternity goat,’ it does not sound right to people,” LSU's dean of students, K.C. White, told WBRZ News.

LSU's administration agreed to take the suspension away Tuesday when brothers said they would gladly participate in a two-year introspection of the fraternity.

The brothers told the university in a letter they would exclude all animals from every initiation process and ritual they conduct.
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