Saturday, May 12, 2007

Greek Week's positive influence

Greek Week at Drexel has just finished up. Lots of fun and some good philanthropy were had by all...
...For two weeks, 10 organizations in the Interfraternal Council, eight in Bi-Cultural, and five in Panhellenic rise up from the central core of Drexel University to compete in Greek Week, arguably the most anticipated event of the year. More importantly, they have the opportunity to become the supreme rulers in their respective communities. In some aspects, it seemed as if Drexel's campus was filled with several Olympians during Greek Week.
I thought this year's stroll was without question the best I have seen since I've been at Drexel. Delta Zeta's first-place basketball-themed performance was quite clever, as their stroll was reminiscent of some of the earlier Nike commercials. Sigma Psi Zeta's stroll was well coordinated and fascinating.

However, Sigma Phi Epsilon had the best presentation of the night. With their stylish moves and flips, they made N-Sync look like little amateur boys.

Greek Week, however, isn't solely about competition. As a matter of fact, Greeks put just as much of an emphasis on team work and community service, if not more. Every year, there is a blood drive, a charity pasta dinner, the Pipino Run, a can and clothing drive.
As a member of Greek Life, I may be a bit biased when it comes to fraternities and sororities; but that's why I am writing this as a commentary as opposed to a news story. Regardless, I don't think people always see the positive things that Greeks do for Drexel. You commonly hear about the negative stereotypes fraternities have, but on our campus, I think that our Greek Life takes the words "community" and "leadership" to a higher level.

We don't have philanthropic and charity events because it is our obligation as fraternities and sororities - we do it because we want to help better the community and set a good example for the rest of campus. I think that that Greek Life certainly made a positive impact at our University over these past two weeks.
Greek Week's positive influence - Ed-Op
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