Saturday, May 05, 2007

Falsely Active?

Tyler Zack is a SigEp alum who writes for His column today notes members who are active in name, but never join a committee or take a leadership role.
...[the] guy who was in the fraternity but never did anything. He is the guy who boasts that he shows up for every chapter meeting but never really joins a committee or takes on any leadership role.

He is what I like to say, “falsely active”.

On the outside he is a member, but he has never given his heart to the ideals of the fraternity; he is there but at the same time is not there. And down the road, he will still boast of the great things that his fraternity did and how he was involved in the action – and most people will believe him.

Does simply showing up to chapter meetings prove that you are an active heart-embracing Greek?
Interesting way to put it. We certainly had those kind of members in my chapter. What about your chapter? Are there "falsely active" members? Are YOU one of them? More to the point, what we do to engage them?
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