Friday, May 25, 2007

Dartmouth announces BMS awards.

NH Alpha (Dartmouth) has announced their Balanced Man Scholarship award for this year. According to their press release(PDF file - use Adobe reader):
National Merit Finalist, National AP Scholar with Honor, and nationally ranked freestyle skier Reed Boeger ’10 (Sun Valley, Idaho) won the 2006-2007 Balanced Man Scholarship at Dartmouth awarded by Sigma Phi Epsilon’s New Hampshire Alpha chapter. Acting Dean of the College Dan Nelson presented the scholarships at the chapter's annual Balanced Man Scholarship ceremony.

The Scholarship honors Dartmouth freshmen who “exhibit academic excellence, demonstrate leadership skills, and commit to health and well-being.” Andrew Kim ’10 (Richmond, Va.) and Brendan Lynch-Salamon ’10 (Minneapolis, Minn.) were also named Balanced Man Scholars, taking second and third place, respectively.
More detail about the winners, the finalists, and the Dartmouth BMS Scholarship is in the well-crafted press release file.
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