Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Conclave Double Take - Don't Miss Out!

This looks like a good way to get a few 'extras' at Conclave - Ribbons, Reserved seats, and a Special Suite access pass.

Update: If you have not seen the comments you may not know that ALL members of a chapter - Undergrad, Alum, and AVC - are counted to determine who gets the perks.

SigEp Conclave The Ultimate SigEp Experience

Double Take: Delegation

Bring at least 4 brothers from your chapter and get another ribbon for your nametag.
Double that to 8 and get the ribbons AND seating at a reserved section for all meal functions.
Double THAT to 16 and get ribbons, reserved seating AND membership into the exclusive Conclave Suite 16....
Conclave Suite 16
Only chapters with designated delegations of 16 or more are invited to a special reception hosted by Grand President Archie Yeatts. Featured guests include keynote speaker Charlie Engle and Citation winners.

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